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She said that she loves her husband, but admitted that his financial support to her was also a factor in the marriage.

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She claims most of the women in her group which have Arab husbands married for both reasons. According to her, the Arabs meet potential wives through friends and others who have already found a match. She added that Arab men most often marry religious women, but stressed that her husband did not request her to wear a Niqab a part of Hijab that covers face or head like the one worn by women in Arab countries. Attorney Esad Hrvacic explains that nobody has the right to practice polygamy on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sharing a husband The woman from Sarajevo says that, when she accepted to marry the Arab man, she was aware of the fact that her husband would not be with her every day. She explains he visits Bosnia and Herzegovina almost every month, depending on the amount of work he has to deal with in his own country or in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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We speak to each other and communicate via video calls every day. She explains that the age difference between women and their Arab husbands varies from two to 20 years. A Bosnian woman, who married a man from Kuwait at the age of 23, thus becoming his second wife, has a similar faith. The year old woman refused to reveal the name of her hometown because of disapproval of her fellow citizens.

As she said, an Imam whose identity she does not want to disclose conducted the wedding ceremony of this woman and her new husband.

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We saw each other often and then he asked for my hand. Now, my husband comes monthly… We talk every day.

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She crawled to Bosko and, after about 10 minutes, died at his side. The bodies remained in the no-man's land of besieged Sarajevo for nearly four days before Serbian forces surrounding the city sent some Muslim prisoners to gather them.

They were not from the same tribe, they did not have the same god, but they had each other and a dream of escaping it all," go the lyrics of Bosko And Admira, a rock song by the Sarajevo band Zabranjeno Pusenje that marked the 20th anniversary of the couple's death in Many say the accord perpetuates wartime divisions and has allowed nationalist parties, who have failed to reform their wartime goals into peacetime platforms, to cling to power.

This has institutionalized the ethnic chasm and stunted reintegration of the society, critics say. Sara Radusinovic, an ethnic Serb student from Banja Luka, Bosnia's second-largest city, knows the story of Sarajevo's "Romeo and Juliet" and sympathizes.

She thinks mixed relationships shouldn't be an issue in today's Bosnia, despite the recent past, and wants politicians to stop playing the ethnic card with their policies. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan. July 08, Killed In Sarajevo Before the war, Sarajevo was the epicenter of mixed marriages at an estimated 34 percent.

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Fossilizing Divisions Many, like Juric, see politicians as a large part of the problem. They've got either your choice of a masterminded marriage or discovering an accomplice on their very own drive. Whenever we talk of orchestrated relational unions that normally means that folks are included and the potential love birds might be capable to meet the other person and provides their sentiments assuming that they're joyful to perform with the wedding or to bear on looking.

In any case, masterminded relational unions are becoming less much less prominent in the West.

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One regular confusion is everybody on these sorts of gathering locales are lying or adorning their profiles to ensure they are additionally engaging.

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