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Not according to the Bible, as others have shown. Yes, it is a bad idea. A very bad idea. Jez, that is not a lot. I am gonna convert people now, just so I can help others have more people to date lol. How about instead of trying to date her you try to share the Gospel with her so as to help lead her to Salvation? I might try that, but I mean these pagans and wiccans are really group like and they might try to get me lol, of course I can duke, so thats fine with me either way. As long as she respects your right to be a Christian it is ok, and you can even marry her and possibly save her in the process: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

That's addressing those who were already married when they became believer's It also doesn't say one lost their faith. It simply addresses married couples that have only one believer.

What Not To Say When You Meet Someone Who Is Pagan

A Christian can marry an unbeliever as long as it doesn't cause an issue in their faith or the marriage. That doesn't specify that these people were both believers when they married. What's your take on 2 Corinthians 6: Either way you've disqualified marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian. This isn't about marriage or he would have spoken about marriage. He states pretty clearly that no one should divorce an unbeliever even though that technically makes then "unequally yoked" Gill not is it to be understood as dehorting from entering into marriage contracts with such persons; for such marriages the apostle, in his former epistle, had allowed to be lawful, and what ought to be abode by; though believers would do well carefully to avoid such an unequal yoke, since oftentimes they are hereby exposed to many snares, temptations, distresses, and sorrows, which generally more or less follow hereon: But I rather think that these words are a dissuasive in general, from having any fellowship with unbelievers in anything sinful and criminal, whether in worship or in conversation: Some apply this exhortation to pious persons marrying with those who are not decidedly religious, and converted to God.

That the exhortation may be thus applied I grant; but it is certainly not the meaning of the apostle in this place What about the story of Solomon? He states pretty clearly that no one should divorce an unbeliever even though that technically makes then "unequally yoked" They shouldn't divorce if one of two unbeliever's becomes a believer once they are already married What about the story of Solomon?

Are you familiar with what happened to him as a result of his pagan wives? If the wisest man could fall prey I'd think twice before advising a 15 year old to do so. When I married my husband, I was a witch, and he was an athiest. We were nice and evenly yoked. When I became Christian things got very difficult, and this verse gave me courage to keep going. But as an ex witch, let me say I know what wiccans do, and a practising witch might well feel she has power to influence you in your spiritual life. If she's anti Christian as most likely she is she might start "praying" for want of a better word, that you see the light.

And you'll have walked right into her hands. It's one thing to befriend someone. Totally different to "be their boyfriend. Well, I mean I do, but I have never dated before lol, maybe that doesn't sound weird to yall, but I am 15, but I guess that's not weird? I mean I don't see her faith as a problem, but if she [B]is[B] anti-christian then it wouldn't work of course.

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They shouldn't divorce if one of two unbeliever's becomes a believer once they are already married It isn't about marriage to an unbeliever because that partnership can sanctify the unbeliever. Paul does not state the status of the persons before marriage, only after marriage. If one does not believe it isn't a reason to divorce.

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There are examples of this and examples of bad marriages within believers. One must remain faithful to Christ if one marries an unbeliever and I believe NT states that we cannot have more than one spouse at a time. I call God my heart. Most people read right over the "unequally" part. Marriage is an equal yoke, not unequal. If it is unequal then you should not be involved. However, the context is not concerning marriage.

Paul addresses marriages between unbelievers elsewhere which does not conflict with this.

How do most Christian men feel about dating Wiccan and other Pagan women?

I am not gonna get married, just to clarify that lol. I want to date her cause she is cute, and seems to be dis-liked for no good reason, that is wrong, a lot of people dis-like me just cause I am a country boy, and don't listen to rap or stuff like that. Just make sure your faith is strong enough to reject anything that will tempt you or shake your faith.

Behave as a Christian would, don't feel like you should act like a wiccan guy. She will know from the start that I am a Christian, and that I will not put up with her blasphemy on god, if we go out. I will not diss her religion, if she doesn't diss mine. What do you mean by "date"? Do you mean accompany her to events, take her for dinner? Or would you start "making out" with her. If the latter is in anyway likely, don't do it.

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That would be fornication, and against God. Sorry to be an old spoilsport, and I wish someone had told me that when I was a teenager. I "dated" someone for a couple of years, and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't have sex with him. After all, we were "dating". For some in today's culture it's seen as a promise for sex. If that's what she or you are thinking, don't date.

You're male, so the risks for you are different from what they are for her. But also, you seem like a really nice, gentle young man. Don't date someone because you feel sorry for them.

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If it's because you like her that's different. Still, I've only ever dated people I seriously wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Once it ended so badly I'm not going to describe it publically, because it makes me feel sick. The second time I got married, and divorced soon after that didn't leave me feeling sick, just very badly wounded. And the third time God got it right for me, and for him my husband.

God is very good indeed. But don't be in a hurry to date. Even if you do feel sorry for the girl. She deserves better than to be treated as a wounded puppy. I do not mean to make out with her, I didn't know that was fornication! I mean the only time I would make out with a girl is if we had been dating for a long time, but I guess that kinda rules that out lol.

I know she is being bullied, and I mean its wrong, I would stand up for her, but she goes to a different school she is a grade below me. I am gonna try to tell one of the kids I know their to just ask her what her religious beliefs are, or to tell her if she'd like to talk about religion to contact me. I have learned a lot from this, and I mean a lot.

What I meant is you shouldnt feel pressured into being someone different to please her. You're a sweet kid, CK, and if I had a daughter I wouldn't be too worried if she dated you. Just for the record.

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Goodnight, and as you go to sleep, say a prayer for the girl, as well as for yourself. See you sometime when you're rested. D even then, i've been single for 7 years Because you had ignored what I said previously, let me reiterate. There is no such circumstance as a Christian and an unbeliever getting married that won't cause an issue in faith which then extends to marriage. Primarily, children and death are two areas which are a great source of conflict. How about before getting others to pry for her religious beliefs for you, you just get her number and start establishing a friendship with her first Saying its ok as long as it doesn't affect your faith is foolishness.

If you are serious about your faith, there is no way for it not to affect your faith. I mean what the heck is a romantic relationship and marriage about anyway? For the Christian this would obviously center around Christ and the life beyond this one, what tragedy to not have a partner to relate to that - and many here can testify to the sadness that can bring.

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Are you prepared to risk your children being raised non-Christian? If not, then make a smart logical choice in partner, not a blind one. There are fun people of all religions, but the excitement and lightheartedness can only last so long before a deeper level of understanding is necessary for the romance to go anywhere. At this point there will be a wall between the believe and unbeliever, if the believer is honest with them self and real with Christ. Everyone believes when they enter a relationship that their present feelings or understanding about the person will persist, which is delusional.

Once it changes, you can have some major misery up ahead by making the wrong choice now. I can see that, cause marriage is everything right? In how I view dating it is, yes. I should really be concentrating on finishing my education secular and finding a decent bible college for after! Ask God to protect her and to reveal the truth to her.

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Dating a wiccan man

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