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Still, some single bunnies aren't willing to share the limelight.

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Comedienne, actress, bunny lover and rescue advocate Amy Sedaris has considered getting a buddy for her bunny Dusty, but says the rex rabbit is too dominating and headstrong. Maybe she needs to exercise her powers - but then she has me to boss around.

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Bunnies soon grow large, and if they're not neutered by the time they reach adolescence, they will chew, spray or dig. If you really want a bunny, rescuers urge you to adopt - pet stores may sell rabbits that are sick or pregnant. About 15 currently reside at the shelters and dozens more are in local foster homes, waiting to be adopted. Bunny adoptions are held every Saturday at Petco at Union Square from 2 p. It is good for them to see each other while they are eating. In the beginning, you should always start in a neutral area to do the dates.

I like to start in the bathtub because it is slippery so it is hard for them to get good footing to fight. It is also easy to slide one away if they start nipping. For example, you can use the bathroom as neutral territory, but if they get behind the toilet it can be hard for you to try to break up a fight. When you put the bunnies together, always have something on hand to stop a fight.

A broom, a spray bottle filled with water, something that will make a loud noise, or gloves for your hands.

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Never reach in to stop a fight without protecting your hands. Fights can happen very quickly and a bunny may not mean to bite you, but in the midst of a fight it may happen accidentally. Nipping will most likely happen at some point during the bonding process.

Petting both bunnies during the bonding process helps to keep them calm.

This will also help to prevent them from nipping, and, if they do nip, your hands are right there to pull them away. As you move forward in the process, you can slowly start to add these items.

Always add two litter boxes, two hidey boxes, and two food bowls or spread the food out on the floor. Bonding sessions may only last about minutes at first. At first, you should always be with the bonding pair. Then you will start to feel comfortable leaving them for a few minutes, and then a little longer. It can sometimes take a while before you feel you can leave them.

My bunny love: New York's Rabbit Rescue & Rehab holds speed-dating sessions for bunnies

Bunnies have bad days too. You may feel like everything is progressing great and then you have a bad date. Sometimes when you move them to the next stage, it may seem like you are taking a step backwards. For example they get along great in the bathtub and you move them to an x-pen in the living room and you have to be more hands on to keep them from nipping.

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The amount of time it takes to bond each pair is different because every bunny is different. It can take months before you have them living together. Mounting can sometimes be an issue. Mounting is one way bunnies establish dominance.

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue

I wait a few seconds and then gently pull the dominant top bunny off. If the submissive bunny will not tolerate it for even a few seconds, I pull the dominant bunny off immediately as it could lead to a fight. Mounting may happen a lot in the initial bonding stage, but should subside.

It is normal for rabbits to mark during the bonding process. You may notice they will poop along the pen closest to the other bunny. Once they are bonded, marking will stop. They are not forgetting their litter box habits, they are marking that area as their own.

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