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She's not an artist that has a problem with her vocals or singing. You've got to understand that success for her is coming out of nowhere. It's just so huge, and sometimes everybody handles it differently.

How the 1995 Source Awards Changed Rap Forever | Complex

So I'm quite sure she'll get over it. She's going to have to.

Who is Jocelyn Chew? Diddy's rumored new girlfriend after Cassie breakup revealed

That's part of being a recording artist, and sometimes it takes time. I don't care how many performances it is, I'm going to be with her until she gets it right. In addition to getting started on a follow-up album, Cassie also became a face of the new women's collection from Combs' Sean John clothing label. She was just in the studio with Kanye West. She's going to be doing some stuff with Pharrell. People really understand that she does have some talent and it takes some time to mold it.

Everybody's not perfect. I think she had some rough shows, just being nervous. Sometimes people have to break out of that. Both teens received luxury automobiles from Dad. He's not the originator of this. But at this point in my life—I have girls now—it's a different program.

The Game Speaks Out On Diddy And Lori Harvey Dating Rumours

At the end of the day, Porter said, "I wasn't waking up feeling happy. There's no other way for me to articulate it, other than a feeling.


I just wasn't feeling it, that's why I had to leave. And not just leave. We have three children together so that's just not an option. We're committed to our children even if we couldn't commit to each other. Combs explained his complicated family tree to Wendy Williams last year: "I wasn't running around through my career and every couple of years just being with a new person. These are people that were my friends Then I would get my heart broken and then my friend would be there, and I would fall in love with my friend, and then I would get my heart broken.

In the beginning with the first album, everything was moving so quickly and I was moving around so quickly and bouncing from country to country, I never had the opportunity to really talk to him. Up to now, when we have conversations about the past three, four years and how I automatically changed and everything, he would say patience is what helps you.

If you really take your time and wait and work hard and observe and learn, just take your time at the end of the day it will all work out, 'cause your time will come. It wasn't until , actually, that she and Diddy stepped out publicly as a couple, and she duly refused to kiss and tell in that interview. After the relationship cat was out of the bag, Cassie opened up a bit to Vibe in October I'm trying to figure that out.

I'm still working with Cassie Enterprises right now but I think that would be something I would love to do. Asked how two prohibitively busy people such as themselves made a relationship work, Cassie said, "The key to maintaining any relationship—be it a romantic relationship or a friendship—is honesty and communication. I travel so much, host parties and I just signed a new deal with Skam Artist, who predominantly deejays in the same bookings that they do at different parties.

Celebrity Moguls. I'm brutally honest with myself.

She denied Diddy engagement rumors

I don't want to get married and not make that woman be the best. On Feb.

I just want to get you wat you Like! Cassie was in turn spotted wearing a massive ring. They were back together by the summer, however, because cops were called in August after they got into a screaming match in the car on a Wednesday afternoon, reportedly after Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break up.

Diddy's ex Cassie is having a daughter with Alex Fine: 'Can’t wait to meet our baby girl'

No one was ever charged with any crime. In response to rumors that Diddy took Cassie's phone to mine it for clues that she was cheating, a source told E! She just wishes things were better with them. It's always up and down. The insider added, "They are taking another break now. Trigga Trey posted up in an empty pool, showing off his body after telling fans that he hasn't worked out in months.

Diddy & Cassie Relationship Timeline | Billboard

You would never be able to tell because Songz is still in tip-top shape. Some people believe that this could be a message to Lori Harvey, reminding her what she could have had. Others believe that to be a reach.

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Which side are you on? By Alex Zidel. Lori Harvey previously dated Trey Songz. Sign in with. Thanks for sharing!

p diddy dating list P diddy dating list
p diddy dating list P diddy dating list
p diddy dating list P diddy dating list
p diddy dating list P diddy dating list
p diddy dating list P diddy dating list
p diddy dating list P diddy dating list
p diddy dating list P diddy dating list

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